OAA Re-Brands Its Logo

Rebranding Your Association...


The Opticians Association of America is proud to release our new corporate logo.  OAA will be transitioning to the new logo throughout 2016. 

OAA Logo 2016 - Transparent PNG Web_png

The new logo was designed to create a look and feel that is modern, as well as serve as a more recognizable brand that all of our members can use to enhance their visibility with the general public. 


Much thought and preparation was put into the new design.  The logo is strong yet simple in design with the "O" subconsciously representing both the eye and opticianry.  The medium blue color was chosen as it invokes the thought of both trust and loyalty.  The inner blue circle separates the logo, which gives it a clear visual focal point.  This aids in the mental interest and the memory of the shape, which will ultimately have individuals associate the image with the word, "Optician".


New Year, New Look, New Resolve


Same Commitment to You, the American Optician  


Expect Big Things from OAA in 2016