Show Your Pride in Opticianry

Show Your Pride in Opticianry

The Opticians Association of America (OAA) has set up an easy way for you to get your hands on quality clothing with the new “Opticians: Helping America See” logo.


It is an easy process and it allows you to choose what type of clothing you desire and the ability to place the logo in several different positions.


Here is how to make it happen… 


Go to:


Order anything you like, after you choose size and color it will give you the option to add the logo, when you click on the “add logo” button the Opticianry logo will appear.  


Then, just finalize your order, billing and shipping information and your clothing will be sent to you.


We look forward to seeing Opticians from coast to coast wearing their pride!

Helping America See V2 72 PPI Color for Webpng