national legislation

Our legislative archive spans the nation's 50 states, promotes policy understanding and aims to improve the quality and effectiveness of opticians.

Surety Bond Requirement

Per final regulations implemented by CMS, DMEPOS suppliers will be required to become accredited to obtain and maintain Medicare billing privileges by October 1st 2009.

The "Red Flags" Rule

With identity theft on the rise in the healthcare industry the FTC has mandated a new rule to protect you and your customers.

FDA and FTC News/Rules/Regulations

This page contains a listing of links and other references that provide additional information related to contact lenses.

The P.P.A.C.A. passes constitutional muster...

Advocacy matters. Opticians Association has the potential to become a powerful advocacy force for ophthalmic professionals. Since the passage and Supreme Court ruling on the PPACA or “Obamacare” the expansion of Medicaid and the establishment of new health insurance exchanges are just two of the major policy and operational issues our members are grappling with. These changes will have a direct impact for opticians and their patients.