the future is now

Think about the future of your career as an Optician. Are you headed down a professional path that will make a real impact in the world?  I suppose the ultimate question is: How do you prefer to measure your success at the end of the day?

The Opticians Association of America invites and welcomes all students to become members and future Leaders. We are committed to provide inspiration, leadership and the tools that will prepare you to be a Leader; whether in your national organization, state society, your community or in your own dispensary.

As a member you will experience and explore the future of the opticianry profession and gain an insider’s perspective as you meet with leaders in the industry.

Imagine assuming a Leadership role that actually satisfies your ambition.  The Optician Association of America is devoted to help you through mentorship programs, providing a nurturing environment that offers assistance in your career path.

Are you a member?

If you’re not a member; JOIN NOW.  There’s never been a better time to see just what it means to live up to your potential and career as an optician.

As a student member you receive all membership benefits, conclusive mentorship and leadership like no other. 

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