Let's Get Personal

  • Dibby Bartlett
    President, OAA

    'Jump in ... even if you're scared.'

  • Erik Tyler
    Branding & Marketing Director, OAA

    'Effective marketing isn't about telling people how wonderful you are. It's an ability to make the consumer feel wonderful.'

  • Bob Reynolds
    Past President, OAA

    'Recipe for success:

    1. Find the best people.
    2. Give them what they need.
    3. Get out of the way.'

  • Johnna Dukes
    1st Vice President, OAA

    'Always be yourself (unless you can be a unicorn…then always be a unicorn).'


Real people. Real experiences.

  • "Attending the OAA Leadership Conference … being on the forefront, walking in the footsteps of amazing leaders, past and present … I believe I can only fortify the industry."
    Tyrone Wilson, LDO
  • "The annual OAA Leadership Conference has helped me to make my job a profession that I’m proud to be involved in. I’ve gone from ‘just an optician’ to someone who’s involved in paving the way for the future of opticianry."
    Kevin Silva, Optician; 2nd VP, OAM

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  • New England States Team Up for Virtual Conference 2020
    On November 8th, 2020, Opticians Association of Massachusetts, Opticians Association of Rhode Island, Opticians Association of Vermont, Society of Connecticut Opticians and New Hampshire Society of Opticians will join together Read more
  • "Where's My Money?"
    “Where does my membership money go? What do I get out of it?” We trust the answer will instill excitement and pride in our members and partners. Read more

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