Let's Get Personal

  • Dibby Bartlett
    President, OAA

    'Jump in ... even if you're scared.'

  • Erik Tyler
    Branding & Marketing Director, OAA

    'Effective marketing isn't about telling people how wonderful you are. It's an ability to make the consumer feel wonderful.'

  • Bob Reynolds
    Past President, OAA

    'Recipe for success:

    1. Find the best people.
    2. Give them what they need.
    3. Get out of the way.'

  • Johnna Dukes
    1st Vice President, OAA

    'Always be yourself (unless you can be a unicorn…then always be a unicorn).'


Real people. Real experiences.

  • "Attending the OAA Leadership Conference … being on the forefront, walking in the footsteps of amazing leaders, past and present … I believe I can only fortify the industry."
    Tyrone Wilson, LDO
  • "The annual OAA Leadership Conference has helped me to make my job a profession that I’m proud to be involved in. I’ve gone from ‘just an optician’ to someone who’s involved in paving the way for the future of opticianry."
    Kevin Silva, Optician; 2nd VP, OAM

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