Our Mission

In essence, the OAA is the collective voice of the opticianry industry. The ongoing mission of the OAA is to work with members, partners and other professionals—both inside and outside of our industry—to assure that opticians receive the recognition, respect, opportunity and protection you deserve.

Likewise, we work tirelessly to further a positive and informed brand image for opticianry, in both local and national markets.

We're here for you.

Our History

Opticianry is a longstanding and noble field of practice—one, in fact, that dates back as far as the mid-1300s.

The Opticians Association of America is a well-established and integral part of that legacy. Established in 1926 as the Guild of Prescription Opticians, the OAA holds the distinguished honor of being the only national organization representing the professional, business, educational, legislative and regulatory interests of opticianry.

For over 90 years, the OAA has been dedicated to the advancement of the American optician.

Pride. Power. Progress.

These three words aren't just a catchy tagline. They are the driving force behind every decision we make.
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Meet The Team

OAA Executive Committee

Ron Harbert, HFOAA,- President
Doug Pekley, HFOAA - 1st Vice President
John Bruening, HFOAA, OGA - 2nd Vice President
Aarlan Aceto, HFOAA,  -Secretary/Treasurer
Johnna Dukes, HFOAA, OGA - Immediate Past President

OAA Board of Directors

George Bourque, HFOAA, OGA - Guild Council Chair
Lanard Atkins, HFOAA, OGA - Representing Firm Membership
Tom Hicks, HFOAA, OGA - Representing Firm Membership
Phernell Walker, HFOAA - Representing State Societies
Carrie Wilson, HFOAA - Representing State Societies
Donna Hatch, HFOAA - Representing Individual Membership
David Ellis, HFOAA - Representing Individual Membership
Tyjia Sherman, HFOAA - At-Large Board Position
Donna Schaub, HFOAA - At-Large Board Position
Sue Shire, HFOAA - Vision of Hope Foundation
Jason Harfenist, HFOAA - Student/Apprentice Position