Which Staff Members Need a Credit Card?

Which Staff Members Need a Credit Card? (hands at a computer keyboard, one typing, one holding a credit card)

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Which Staff Members Need a Credit Card?


A small business credit card, like the OAA Business Card, can be a powerful tool to help save money and accrue rewards for all of your purchases. The OAA Business Card allows you to add additional cards to your account—as many as you need, at no charge.

It’s a tremendous advantage to have employees able to use a company card as needed, without the hassle or delay of having to borrow a card every time they need to make an order. In the case of the OAA card, dedicated staff cards add complete visibility into who made each charge.

But who in your business should have their own card for your account? Here are some categories and use cases to consider when thinking about which staff members to provide a card for.

Office manager

Given that office managers typically have responsibility for everything from ordering supplies, special occasion lunches, to booking business travel and paying bills, this one is a clear yes: if you have an office manager, they should certainly have a credit card.


It may make sense to provide your receptionist with a card, it really depends on what their role encompasses. If you don’t have an office manager, then a lot of tasks that require a credit card may fall to your receptionist. In any case, if they’re doing any ordering of office supplies, birthday cakes, or similar—as many receptionists do—they should have a card.

Insurance/billing specialist

If you have a billing specialist, their role is probably confined to simply logging in to your practice management software and/or reviewing paper records for patient treatment and insurance details, and calling insurance companies or submitting online claims. It seems unlikely that they would ever have a reason to need a credit card, so this is a role that you can probably skip providing with a card.


All opticians or who work for your business may or may not need a credit card; it really comes down to whether they’re responsible for ordering. Any optician who ever needs to order frames, contact lenses, or other products should have a card.

In many cases, they also might use it for general expenses, as well as when attending conferences, continuing education sessions, or other events. In addition to being convenient, having a business credit card for expenses makes reimbursement much simpler and less time-consuming than having to pay with other methods, keep receipts, and submit for reimbursement.

Visibility and control

With the OAA Business Card, you can set custom spending limits for each card on your account—making it even easier to have complete control over all charge activity. You also have full, real-time visibility into the charges made by each card, simply by logging in to your user-friendly OAA Business Card portal. This visibility and control really minimizes the risks of embezzlement, unapproved spending, and general falling-through-the-cracks types of errors or oversights that can be costly.

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