Shirley Tam: "What Leadership Gave Me"

Students To Leadership

Shirley Tam, LDO Massachusetts

"Attending Leadership was an invaluable and rewarding experience.


I was blessed to have met such incredible leaders, mentors, fellow peers and colleagues. It was exciting to meet and connect with students and apprentices throughout the US who shared the same goal and interests, but with their own stories and unique experiences. I am also grateful for the board members who helped make this happen and am inspired by their unwavering passion for the profession.

I entered Leadership with an open mind, not knowing what to expect and left, feeling inspired and hopeful for the profession and its future. The conference was engaging, insightful and informative. I loved that the conference included breakout sessions and open-ended topics for discussion. I also found it equally important to learn about the latest technology in the market, as well as the politics and challenges facing our profession in order to stay informed and current so we can keep progressing and improving our trade.

Leadership gave me a new perspective on my role as a licensed dispensing optician. I loved that there is so much versatility in the field, whether it is to do retail, be an active board member, give a lecture, be a sales representative, or have your own practice, there is always something one can do to make a difference.

I, too, aspire to give back to the profession by being more involved. One of the ongoing trends I've noticed at work is that often times, customers don't know the difference between plastic and polycarbonate, Alize and Avance, transitions and astigmatism. It is thus, our responsibility as opticians to educate our patients and customers about the best lens options for their eyecare needs. I aim to continue to educate myself so I can share that knowledge with friends, family, customers, and colleagues.

Leadership is just the first step in my journey and I can't wait to see how this field will continue to grow and evolve. I am so thankful for this opportunity and to be a part of this family. I highly recommend this conference to any aspiring optician!"