Dream into Action 2022: FAQ 2

Alice and White Rabbit: 'Oh Dear!' What to do if you already registered and booked hotel or airfare

Alice and White Rabbit: 'Oh Dear!' What to do if you already registered and booked hotel or airfare


Re: Your Previous Registration

If you have already registered for the conference prior to January 20, you are good to go! Your registration fee is simply being applied to the new event dates.

If for some reason you can no longer attend the conference due to the change in dates, we will miss you; but we understand. Please email [email protected] to be issued a full refund.

If you have not registered yet, you can do that by visiting the Main Event Page.

Re: Your Previously Made Hotel Booking

If you made hotel reservations prior to the event postponement, your hotel reservation should have been cancelled directly by the hotel, and you should have received an email directly from the hotel confirming the cancellation. Please verify with the hotel that your reservation has been cancelled (better to be safe than sorry!)

For legal reasons, the hotel cannot merely change your reservation to the new dates.

To rebook your hotel reservation, or to book for the first time, please visit the "WHERE" section of the Main Event Page.

The group-block reservations cut-off date is April 29, 2022. Please make your arrangements as soon as possible, as the hotel block will sell out quickly.

Re: Your Previously Purchased Flight

If you made flight or other travel arrangements prior to the event postponement, we do hope you took the suggested precaution of adding cancellation insurance. If you did not, the OAA encourages you to reach out to your airline or travel agent explaining that the original event was postponed due to COVID. Most airlines are especially amenable to working with customers toward rescheduling flights.

We apologize for any inconvenience or extra expense the postponement may have caused; however, the event adjustments were deemed necessary in order to prioritize the health and safety of you and all other conference attendees.