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What is Honored Fellow membership in the OAA, and how does HFOAA membership differ from regular membership?

You are invited to become an Honored Fellow of the OAA if at least one of the following is true:

• You are a current member of an OAA-member state society.

• You are an individual member of the OAA who has passed either the ABO exam or the NCLE exam (or an approved equivalency exam).

In addition to enjoying all of the many benefits that come with standard OAA membership, Honored Fellows set themselves apart with regard to commitment, status and additional opportunities:

• HFOAA members are eligible to vote during the annual OAA Membership Meeting, influencing the direction of the organization and, by extension, the industry at large.

• Only HFOAA members are eligible to seek office on the OAA Board of Directors and the Vision of Hope Foundation’s Board of Directors.

• HFOAA members are eligible to apply for the exclusive OAA Member Credit Card for optical businesses, which includes many additional benefits including the opportunity to have your annual HFOAA membership dues waived.

• HFOAA members have exclusive permission to use the designation 'HFOAA' following your name (e.g.: 'John Smith, HFOAA').

• HFOAA members receive a certificate for public display, stating your credential as an Honored Fellow.

• HFOAA members receive an official store window decal indicating that an OAA Honored Fellow works in the dispensary or lab

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