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Individual Member

$95 Annually
($40 Retiree/Student/Apprentice)

This is for you if you are an optician who has passed the ABO, NCLE and/or State Equivalent Examination, or who is currently a student or apprentice of opticianry, and yet who is not, for any reason, already a member of a state society. At the OAA, you belong.

Individual Honored Fellow

$175 New HFOAA
$80 for Existing OAA State Members

Ready to get more hands-on? Becoming an Honored Fellow of the OAA is not simply a token upgrade to your individual OAA membership. In addition to receiving all the many benefits of regular membership, HFOAA members are offered valuable and exclusive additional benefits.

If you've got questions before signing up, Get in touch. We'd love to tell you more about the exciting opportunities available to you as an HFOAA member.

State Society Member


If you are a current member of your individual state society, and your state society currently enjoys OAA membership, congratulations—you are already an OAA member. Begin exploring your member benefits.

Dual State Honored Fellow

$80 Annually

If you are already a State Society Member as described above, but would like to increase the reach of your individual voice, you'll want to become a Dual Honored Fellow. Honored Fellows earn a vote in OAA matters, can serve as Board Members and may serve in other leadership capacities. View all additional benefits.

Opticians Guild of America

$330 Annually

Being an independent optical business owner doesn't mean you have to go it alone. View the full qualifications and additional exclusive benefits of Guild membership.

Contact us about joining this esteemed group of professionals to increase the power of our collective voice in the optical marketplace. OGA membership communicates to consumers that you maintain the highest standards in the field. The OGA is designed to help you be independent — together.

Member Benefits

Becoming an OAA member is much more than letters after your name. The benefits are many and real. Discover more about the world that opens up to every optician who belongs to the OAA.